Sheepstead Orchards Natural & Organic

Sheepstead Orchards Natural & Organic


Our family farm that produces the very best in gourmet lamb raised in the USA is now a part of Evander's Market store page. We are not a big chain store or a brick and morter store, we're a farm family that believes it is important that food for Americans should be grown and raised in America.  

We take care that our sheep have the very best life, enjoying the wonderful fields in the hill country of Washington State. No hormones, antibiotics or GMO.

Humanely raised with much care for their wellbeing.

It is also on these acres we have wild flowers, apple blossoms, and other fruits that give our honey its great flavor.

We have apple trees growing here for many generations and new hard cider apple trees we planted 3 years ago. 

This coming Spring 2021, we will have another crop starting for health benefits that we will be offering just a few months afterwards. We're very excited about this new project!

Another thing that will be getting offered to you is our fabulous fleece for those of you who love to spin fleece into yarn. 

We  are hoping you enjoy this section of our little store site as it unfolds and develops.



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