Premium Gourmet Lamb Burger

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18.00 Ounces

All cuts go into this fabulous burger! This is definitely a premium cut above the regular lamb burger you're used to.          10 Left

We do not use:



No GMO products                                                                                        **We are asking you to choose FedEx Ground for your shipping choice.

                                                                                                               Your shipment will get there fast as well as saving you money.                

 We Do:

Free range on lush green fields

Feed the best Orchard Grass & Alfalfa

USDA inspected


Our lamb is a mild and delicious flavor, perfect addition to any dinner table.

***We also offer our Lamb Rub (4oz) in our Seasoning section which will create a fabulous flavor to your food. Can be used as a dry rub or blended in with your burger.