Wrap up of the year

Wrap up of the year

Posted by LMW on Dec 1st 2018

Wow, time fly's. A year has come and gone since we decided to go to selling other products besides our lamb. One of our goals has been to bring to you American businesses products, besides our own. We found ourselves bringing in a lot of great products, for great prices, always looking for something new. It's been fun. 

Our hard cider trees are doing great and we are waiting for the first harvesting of them in about another 2 years. In the meantime, we are building a commercial kitchen to create from. 

We acquired French Alpine Dairy Goats and we are looking forward to milking them for cheese and soap making ingredients. We also have a Fresian Dairy sheep who we will be milking for sheep milk feta...yum.

Our beautiful rare Gotland Sheep are doing great and we're looking forward to a lot of new little hooves running all over the place this Spring. 

Back to this little store site...We are going to be focusing on our farm products, seasonings ( we love them all), honey, preserves & fruit toppings, coffees. We'll also still have gifts for the kitchen, sold individually, or in a lovely old fashioned apple and berry baskets ( the baskets are a 1933 started company, that still makes the wood apple-berry baskets, hand made in the USA). We are still going to be selling soaps and beard oil. We pretty much sold it out...sheesh, and before Christmas too. We know it's good, we'll have more later on, and men's beards will be all the happier for it. We'll also have mugs as we do now, that normally go into our gift sets. Look for the remodel after the end of January, figuring after Christmas is as good a time as any. 

Thank you for visiting our store site and shopping with us. 

We wish for you a joyous Christmas and a prosperous, Happy New Year!

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