Where we are now

Where we are now

Posted by LMW on Jun 9th 2019

To be honest, I do not know how to even start in explaining where we are now compared to where we were when we started this business. I have learned to go with the flow and allow change to be a standard for this family farm business. I believe if this were just a regular company, it would be predictable, but it's not. 

We started as a simple family farm, offering our wonderful lamb to others and expanding a few years later to an online store for folks to find us and experience our lamb too, but also offering some other items with country themes for the kitchen, gift sets, soaps & lotions. We also brought in our seasonings as well as our honey. 

The one thing constant in time is change and this has been the truth with our farm. We thought that simply offering the typical products was going to be sufficient and we would be fine. I am truly glad we made the 180 degree turn. The changes came about because I have severe issues with my body due to injuries, health conditions that I have had to deal with, including a great deal of pain that would sometimes just slam me down. I'm just too active and to have my body feel like it was smacking me down was a blow I was not willing to take without a fight. It was through a friend that was to be the beginning of a new venture for our little family owned and operated farm. You're probably already figured it out knowing what is on our store site....yep, CBD. After realizing how much it helped me, and then  my son tried it and the inflammation he suffered from internally, keeping him from being able to tolerate certain foods was handled. For me to not offer this wonderful product to others would have been a terrible thing to do. I started to investigate and found there were many CBD companies out there as well as the "home-made" in the kitchen types that I wanted nothing to do with. I found companies that are 3rd party tested and verified. I made up my mind and decided to step into waters that were very unfamiliar. We also became members of the Washington Hemp Association with the knowledge that we could also grow the product, which we are looking at in 2020. 

This has been a very busy Summer beginning, not just with the starter flocks of lambs going to new farms and acquiring Nubian Goats for milk and making cheese, we are also looking for a small shop to put our store for local sales as well as continuing to be available for folks across the country. 

One of the projects we have started is a commercial kitchen for processing cheese as well as our hard cider from the apples in our orchard. Two years ago we planted 7 varieties of hard cider apple trees for production besides the 100 year old ones we have already. 

I must let you all know, it has been my greatest pleasure in getting to talk with a lot of you and being able to make sure you have exactly what you wanted and were happy.

Thank you so much for being the best part of Evander's Market!