Hemp Seeds

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Hemp Seeds 

Non-GMO hemp seeds for growing rich cbdhemp.

  • Grow non-psychoactive hemp
  • From US grown hemp
  • Each order either contains 10 seeds in one starter package all the way to 1 pound for those with a good size field and a dream.

Hemp Seeds for Growing Rich CBDHemp

Harvest hempcbd from your own home garden. Produce your very own rich flower with these non-GMO hemp seeds. Hemp is a hardy drought resistant plant, you don’t need a green thumb to get started, all you need is soil, sun, and love. These seeds are non-GMO meaning their DNA is exactly as nature intended.

How to Grow Hemp

Hemp grows best in temperatures between 60–80 °F (16–27 °C), we recommend sowing hemp seeds in late spring. Grow your hemp in the earth or in a pot, and plant the seeds 3⁄4–1 1⁄4 inches deep. Young hemp plants need to be watered regularly during the first 6 weeks of growth, check the surrounding soil regularly to ensure it is moist 1-2 inches deep. After the initial 6 weeks of growth, the hemp plant will be able to go a few days without any watering.

For robust growth you may fertilize your hemp with nitrogen rich organic fertilizer, we recommend rabbit manure as it is a cold low-odor manure that is less likely to burn crops. We don’t recommend using chemical pesticides or herbicides on your crops as hemp is a hardy plant that is naturally resistant to invasion. When you notice seeds are developing on your hemp flowers, they are ready to harvest.

Allow your plants to dry for five weeks in a cool dry area. If you like, you can use a moisture meter to check the moisture content, 15% moisture is ideal. Once your stalks are dry you can separate the flowers, leaves, seeds and stems. Enjoy your bountiful harvest!

Hemp Seeds