Premium Gourmet Lamb

Well...another year of fabulous tasting lamb. Thank you to all of our valued customers for buying our lamb. We look forward to serving you in the future.

From Our Farm To Your Home!



Lamb Burger & Brats, right from our farm. No hormones, antibiotics, Non GMO.


All of  our sheep have a wonderful life, roaming our hills, enjoying lush green grass...

Our burger and brats are a premium gourmet food, without the premium gourmet price-tag. We use all of the cuts of the lamb, including those expensive premium cuts for our burger and brats.

We have rare Gotland Sheep. A rare as well as primitive breed that give us a wonderful, mild flavoured meat. 

We think it is important to know where your food comes from. Buy American.


Overnight shipping must be chosen for getting the lamb to you. If you are in a close location to us, we do deliver for free ( I do accept gratuities).

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