Evander's Market - Natural & Organic Foods

We're still Evander's Natural Farm Market. We have simply put all of our fabulous coffees, & teas, seasonings, and lamb into the market as its own place. 

It is very important to be able to offer to you products that are American made and small business, family operated. One of our goals is to build up and promote small business rather then swallowing and stopping. Supporting the small business, which we are too, is important to us. We are very happy to offer products, made in America. 

Natural, Organic, Fair Trade are things we look for as well as gluten free and non GMO, we strive to offer this as much as we can. We truly hope you enjoy our products and we continue to be able to serve you in the future.

We are picky about what we have, wanting the best when it comes to our food, and for that reason we want you to have the best too.