Bluebird Botanicals – 6x Oil, 10ml - 500mg

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1.75 Ounces

Bluebird Botanicals 6x Oil:If you’re looking for the strongest cannabidiol oil drops possible, you’re in the right place. Hemp 6x is the strongest tincture available on Made by Hemp, with 500mg in a small 10ml bottle.

This high strength hemp oil tincture is recommended for those wanting to take a large amount of hemp oil daily. The potency of this product allows less oil to be consumed to reach a high serving size. Or, in general, Hemp 6x is great for those wanting to take less oil daily for the same benefit.


High Hemp Oil, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil

Storage and Usage

Store in a cool, dark area or in the refrigerator for long-term storage. Gently swirl the bottle before use don’t shake aggressively.

There’s approximately 25mg per 15 drops. Use that to determine dosage

We have found this to be one of our very popular brands. Reviews speak volumes and we are very happy to be able to offer Bluebird Botanicals at Evander's Market!

We know you are going to be happy with Bluebird Botanicals 6x Oil