August News

August News

Posted by LMW on Aug 21st 2018

Fall is almost here and we're still bringing in our new products, not all are even showing yet. Next month we'll have our Holiday Pecans as well as our Evander's Market fruit preserves, butters, and sauces, as well as our Lamb Rub & Maple Apple Sausage rub. They're really good and we think you'll love the old fashioned homemade flavor. We also have a new gift basket we found from an American company that has been around since 1933. We put together a nice gift combo, personally for you what you decide to have in the gift basket or those we create and put together. You can call us and let us know what you want for a special gift. We can ship anywhere in the USA and elsewhere.

Promoting American products is very important to us, as well as natural & organic when we can.

Thank you, from Our Farm to Your Home!