Almost A Full Year

Almost A Full Year

Posted by LMW on Jul 13th 2018

I cannot believe how much can get done in a year, which includes those learning curves. A lot of learning curves. It's not like we don't know how to do business, but having the internet as your playground is a lot different. We like to give the best prices but also a really good product. With prices going up I also noticed container sizes becoming slightly smaller...just my imagination? I don't think so. I was not happy with what I was seeing. We are choosing to not go down that road, we think it is just not a good way to do business.

This year we started our own product lines. Most of which will be showing up for the Fall season.  We're really excited to be able to now put our own products out there for you to enjoy. We've also been looking for a brick and mortar as a physical location. Also we'll be doing shows, but that is still ahead. Once again, we find ourselves without the lamb to show as it is again pretty much sold out. As we increase our flock size, that too will be changing. 

We are striving to continue to bring in as much natural & organic as we can. Our ability to also offer you food that is non-GMO, pesticide free, no hormones or antibiotics, gluten free, and even fair trade is one of our goals. Our own products will always show that when possible. We're coming out with our preserves , fruit butters, and a great rib glaze that fits our goals as well as your taste-buds. Look for it this Fall!

We hope your Summer has been enjoyable. 

Our best always to you, from our farm to your home.