Balanced Body Essentials Lingonberry Set

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16.00 Ounces
Brand: Balanced Body Essentials
  • INFORMATION All Over Body Wash:
Wash with Lingonberries – a bright red Scandinavian delight that comes to life in Lingonberry All Over Wash. This deliciously yummy top to bottom wash is so heavenly! We hope you will fall in love with this distant cousin to the cranberry, as will your skin! The sublimely sweet, yet tingly tart scent enlivens the senses, while the antioxidant rich vitamins and minerals support and nourish. Balanced for the skin’s pH between 4.2 to 5.8. A great wash. 

Ingredients for All Over Body Wash:

  • Neem, Ivy Gourd, Eggplant, Aloe Flower, Holy Basil, & Turmeric Extracts
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 & Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  • Natural Lingonberry Fragrance
  • Rosehip Oil & Organic Jojoba Oil
  • INFORMATION- Sugar Scrub
  • Natural Lingonberry Fragrance Oil has found a sweet spot within our body scrub line-up. A refreshing exfoliant designed for those who are looking for a boundless alternative to those scrubs solely designed for mature skin, all while staying away from those synthetic fragrances that are often found in something that smells so delectable. This luscious scrub is packed with Cane Sugar, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, and Rosehip Oil which are sure to leave any skin type silky and smooth, while bursts of sweet tangy aroma take your senses away to the countryside of Scandinavia every time you step in the shower. This scrub is not overpowering and will not interfer with other scents. This is a wonderful wash set.
  • Ingredients:

    • Organic Cane Sugar
    • Meadowfoam Seed Oil
    • Organic Shea Butter
    • Natural Lingonberry Fragrance