AMERICAN MUG & STEIN - 14 oz handmade ceramic mugs, Made in USA

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20.00 Ounces

Buy an American mug. Isn't it time to start supporting American companies? It starts with buying American and supporting companies in the USA. Evander's is an american small family farm business and we felt it was important to also support others in business in this country too. We started with seasonings, but then decided to offer ceramic mugs. It wasn't an easy task as outside sources had become so prevelant in the marketplace. After much looking and searching, we found American Mug & Stein. An American Company in the ceramic capital of the USA and hiring Americans...was almost gone. Thankfully a revival has occured where more and more people are realizing that if we don't support companies in this country, the companies will soon dissapear as well as job opprotunities for Americans in the future. WE are glad to have the chance to offer this quality product, made in the USA.

We started with this great mug they make in the red, white, and blue. As we grow, we are hoping to be able to offer more of this companies products.

As employees of an American manufacturer, we are grateful for the orders we receive from individuals and businesses. When you place an order for a product made in the USA, you are helping to support a local community and helping someone support his or her family. Let's rebuild the "American Dream" together!"

These are the favorite mug all around. Well made and durable. It's become our homes favorite mug. 

Handcrafted in Ohio, USA. Much care is put into every item made.


American Mug & Stein Co.